Meet the beautiful Sadie, a 10-month-old Heading dog x Huntaway looking for a new home due to a change in her family’s circumstances.
Sadie’s favorite thing to do is run next to the quad-bike. She would enjoy a home with plenty of space to run around on, such as a farm or lifestyle property, or with an active family that would take her on adventures. She would make an awesome agility dog too.
She loves to please and is super trainable – she has good recall which is improving. She enjoys squeaky soft toys and will engage in fetch (but not obsessively).
Whilst with her amazing foster carer, she has been exposed to horses, cattle, sheep & chickens. She has previously lived and been around children and is good, however as a young dog she can get excited so children over 5 might be better suited. She will occasionally bark or chase the livestock but has shown absolutely no tendency to bite. She is now safely exposed to the free-range chickens she lives with and whilst she’ll occasionally think it’s fun to run through them and hear them squark, she is getting better and better every day.
Sadie is smart and energetic, so we feel the right home would be able to cater for this, giving her purpose, stimulation, and an outlet for her energy. She is currently in foster with another dog and they now cuddle up together in the one kennel.
She will require a fully fenced property. While she has shown no tendency to jump the fence, she did manage to get out when debris fell onto the fence and provided a ramp over the fence. In saying this, she does not seem to be an escape artist and we expect as she gets older and established/familiar with a home, she won’t wander or try to escape at all.

There is an adoption fee of $250 for Sadie which helps to cover some of her costs whilst we look for her new home. She will be fully vaccinated, desexed and Council registered ready for her new family.

If you can open up your heart & your home for Sadie, please complete an adoption application.