About Jaxx!
💕 Affectionate
🐶 Can live with other dogs
🐱 Needs a cat free home
🚗 Likes car rides
🎓 Eager to learn
👅 Loves treats

Jaxx is a cuddly boy who loves nothing more than curling up on your lap for a sleep. With plenty of growing still to do, he has beautiful giant paws and lots of extra skin to grow into. Jaxx absolutely loves humans and is always looking for ways to make his human happy.

Highly responsive to food treats, Jaxx is already great at sitting and waiting on command and is ready to learn even more tricks with his new owner. Great with people of all ages, Jaxx is always gentle and accepts treats with a very gentle mouth.

He is a lovely companion to have around the home and he is gentle toward other dogs he meets. Jaxx loves to play with other dogs and is a good sleeper who happily heads to his crate in the evening, snoozing until around 7am.

Generally quiet, Jaxx doesn’t bark unnecessarily and he absolutely loves a ride in the car. Jaxx’s weakness is cats. He requires a cat free home. Jaxx would be equally awesome in a home with other dogs, or as the only dog in a household.

Jaxx will be fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and council registered ready for his new home.
If you can open up your heart and home, please complete one of our applications.
There is an adoption fee of $250 which helps cover some of his costs whilst in foster