Skip and Sasha are a pair of well loved dogs, who due to a change in circumstances, are looking for a new home.

Please note: Skip and Sasha have not been assessed by We Love Dogs, and all information has been provided by the current owners. We Love Dogs are simply assisting in finding the right home for Skip and Sasha.

About Skip:

Skip is a 5 year old kelpie cross, who can be described as a mix between a dog and a cat! Skip loves lying around in the sun all day, and when the sun is hiding, you will find him happily curled up on his bed.

Skip has never been particularly good at fetch, but you can get him to play for a few moments before he chooses to head off for a snooze instead.

When Skip was a puppy he went to puppy class, and was second in his class at obedience training (go Skip!). Skip can “play dead” at the sight of a finger point and the sound of a bang, but never quite got the hang of recall – so needs to be walked on a leash, or in a secure area.

Skip enjoys playing with other dogs and loves meeting new people. Skip can get excited when meeting new people, but will calm down after 15 minutes or so. When Sasha was introduced to the family, Skip did start to growl a bit at other dogs when out for a walk with Sasha.

Skip is used to being around younger children, is housetrained and stays off furniture and out of rooms that he is not supposed to be in. Skip will sit and wait patiently for food, and doesn’t eat the furniture either!

Skip will happily spend time in the backyard during the day, but it will need to be fenced.

About Sasha:

Sasha is a 2 and a half year old golden retriever crossed with smithfield collie (a tasmanian sheep dog!).

Once Sasha gets to know you, she will be your best friend! She absolutely adores human company.

Sasha has a glorious coat, but this does need to be brushed two to three times a week and regularly groomed.

Sasha has attended obedience classes. She has been defensive around her food in the past, but received training for this and now she sits and waits to be allowed to eat and has no issues with food being taken away. When out for walks, Sasha wears a halti collar, as she can pull on the leash – she has great recall though!

As well as obedience class, Sasha has received a lot of training at home. She’s house trained, doesn’t chew furniture, stays out of bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen, and is used to being around a younger child.

Skip and Sasha could go to a new home together, or to individual homes. If you are interested in rehoming a dog, please fill in an application form.