Shiloh, Always Smiling


Shiloh had her two-year birthday in June but since then has been diagnosed with a high grade mast cell cancer on her ear. She will shortly have an operation to remove her ear flap with the hope that all the cancer is removed. However, there is still a good chance it has metastasised elsewhere and we will only know sometime in the future.  She currently is fine and happy, with no evidence the cancer in her ear is causing her problems.

We recognise this will make Shiloh hard to rehome but remain committed to providing her a safe and happy life while she remains symptom and pain free. Her awesome foster has committed to caring for Shilo for as long as it takes while Shilo will remain under the trusts ownership and overall care.  We will continue to advertise Shiloh for a new home in the hope there is an equally awesome forever home for her, however long that may be, and obviously under full disclosure of her health situation.

Shilo is a super smart girl, and loves to walk and run at the beach.  She really is a lovely dog. She needs to meet her “human” match, someone who can guide her and continue her training. Her special human will be someone who is keen to take on adventures to the beach, play fetch and just be her best “bud”.

She is food motivated, and will need an equally strong willed owner to share in her development on lead. She comes fully vaccinated, microchipped and has been desexed.

Shiloh is a Huntaway Border Collie mix, born June 2021.

The adoption fee for Shiloh is negotiable.

If you are keen to meet with a view to adoption, the first step is to complete the application form linked here.