Tripawd Zoey

Zoey is “tripawd”

Hey, I am lovingly referred to as tripawd.  I’m looking for  somebody, somebody  to love!

My early life was a bit of a shambles, enough said. I broke my back leg and after some rehab ended up as a tripawd  (one leg missing at the back).

I might add, hardly a “defect” as I enjoy the same activities as any other dog with that extra leg! Did I say zoomies? Yup my foster had to hold me back while I was “in recovery mode” coz I like to run, run with the wind, run with the foster’s dogs, probably a little too interested in the chickens and cats but the kids are just perfect for cuddles and snuggling!

Did I say I am a pup? I am ready for my new life adventure, they tell me I am about 8 months old, I am  “officially” an altered lady! (this really means I am unique!) No wandering eye, my whole being will be focussed on my forever people.

We Love Dogs are taking applications,  get them your details for my perfect home and they will set up a meet and greet for us to get acquainted.  Their rehome team will help me find my perfect match.

The business end of this deal if you are keen to meet with a view to adoption,  is to complete the application form linked here.