Have you room in your heart?

Dash needs a new home

Dash’s family are seeking assistance to rehome their dog.  Dash is looking for a loving home, where he can continue to thrive and enjoy life with his new family.

We Love Dogs is helping the owner with his rehome, Dash is still with his them, has been living with kids, other animals and recently moved into “town” from his free range rural setting. He has coped well with the change in lifestyle although grieving for his older doggy companion who passed recently.

Dash is not crate trained, however he likes to sleep in the garage or even outside on warmer days. He is food driven and holds focus well. He is well behaved, his owners have cared and trained him well. He  comes with the “full works” – he is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and socialised. We Love Dogs have provided training assessment to assist with his transition into a new home.

He is a mixed breed, has lived with current owners since he was nine weeks old.

Adopting a dog in need is rewarding, you will gain a very loyal companion. Feel free to reach out, meet up with Dash, build a bond with him and you will be rewarded with a loyal and attentive “friend”.

If you are keen to meet with a view to adoption, the first step is to complete the application form linked here.