Loki – the cuddle bunny

Loki is “Pawsome”

Here is Loki a wonderful puppy-dog for a very fortunate owner. Loki is nearly 5 months old rescued from an awful situation at 8 weeks with his sister Freya. She has been adopted with the help of  We Love Dogs and he misses her.

As his foster Mum I have made sure he has had his vaccinations and he is booked in 4th January with his vet for neutering – earliest I could get.

I’ve tried so hard to socialise him in the local dog park  and he is doing famously with that. He is a smart one and if you are looking at agility training he’s your dog – absolutely.

From an early age I could throw a ball and he would bring it back and drop it. He is a much loved member of the dog park. He is not hyper-active but he does have a lot of energy more than as an older person I can cope with.

Loves children but I’m not sure about cats he hasn’t been exposed to them. In saying that his sister is living quite happily with a cat. He’s had lead training and coping quite well, puppy as he is.

Loki loves the beach and the wind blowing through his ears. Loves to jump in and out of the long grass.

He just wants to run and run in and out of the surf. Have been working on his recall and he’s doing well as much as a puppy can do.

As I said he’s a smart boy, loves learning and responds to positive feedback. He can also be a bit of a “cuddle bunny” just chooses his time for that. Such a pleasure to see this puppy enjoying his life which he may not have had if we had not stepped in and fostered him.

We Love Dogs Charitable  Trust is helping the foster seek the perfect home by taking applications on behalf. Applicant information will be shared with the foster with a view to identifying the perfect match up.

If you are keen to meet with a view to adoption, the first step is to complete the application form linked here.