Team of Twelve Update

Peaches and her Pups

What a privilege it has been to have an amazing foster take on the care of the “team of 12” and their momma dog, Peaches.
Their care has seen them thrive from tiny wee bundles of fluff to the beginning explorations of play, meeting their litter mates, exploring the feel and taste of new food, walking on grass, being handled by humans, all while demand feeding from mum !, and adapting to life in their new world.
❤️😊Four Females and Eight Males!  😊❤️
The pups are now in foster away from their mum. She has played her part in their early care and now needs some down time.
The pups will need ongoing care, supplies and vet checks until they are all adopted and completed their vaccinations etc.
If you can help we would love you to donate – the number is with this post. TSB 15-3944-0328074-001
The pups are ready now  to venture out on their own. They have had their first set of vaccinations ,  and the full series, microchip, registration, and desex will be covered by the adoption fee of $340. The desex will be booked in at a later date once old enough and following vet service guidelines. Their desex is a mandatory requirement of adoption from the trust.
If you are keen to meet with a view to adoption, the first step is to complete the application form linked here.