Padma is a very loyal, sweet and obedient.
She is great with other dogs and good around children
Padma is 3-4 years old, had a hard start in life but was rescued from her situation and has since thrived.  It is now  time to seek a new home for her.
She will be happy with anyone who has time for her, she would love a happy and calm home where she can feel safe and secure. She gets on with most dogs, even smaller dogs, knows basic commands (eg sit, lay, stay, heel, cross (the road) etc.
She will warn you if anyone approached your property, but not really a big barker. She walks well on a lead, loves the beach, park, river and walkways.
She will be your best friend, and stay by your side.
All information is from her current owner who advises Padma is not yet desexed – has recently had pups who are now all rehomed. She is ready for her next journey.
Please note, this is an on behalf adoption notification, We Love Dogs are only facilitating a meeting with the owner and prospective new owners.
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