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We are a Taranaki based charity. We believe that dogs provide positive benefits to the physical and mental health of everyone in the community.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a canine companion in their household but our aim is to try and give access to everyone who would like some canine company.

We have a number of programs we plan to develop as our volunteer base grows and we look forward to bringing these to you. Look out for our Barkets that help bring the dog community together.

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Enhancing the lives of dogs, their owners and the community.

Our Aim 2023

Heck, we are half way through 2023 already, just about. The last part of 2022 and so far in 2023 have been tough. The cost of living has crunched hard and we are receiving more requests to rehome and are having less success rehoming the dogs we have. Some of our puppies have come in as small puppies and are now good sized dogs. Some dogs have been with us for nine months or more. This is a huge ask of our fosters.

In 2023, we have slowed significantly our intake to the point we are no longer taking in dogs. This makes us very sad. We have been concentrating on the lovely puppies and dogs we already have in our care and they are very slowly trickling out. However, while they wait patiently for their forever homes, they are learning to be the best puppies and dogs they can be. Many have attended our very own puppy and adolecent class with the wonderful Gabbie from Bark Off NZ.

Going forward we will continue to focus on rehoming our current pack of dogs and puppies. We will continue to hold off on bringing new dogs in and we will rebuild our foster team, many of who need a break or are no longer available. We can not do what we do without our fosters!. Our Barkets continue to be wonderful events with many people staying hours enjoying the amazing atmosphere. Remember, the second Saturday of every even month for the Barket at the Northpoint field in Bell Block.

These two aspects will be our main focus for the remainder of the year although we are starting to dabble in taking suitable dogs into homes to meet those who would like a dog visit.
You will see fundraising activies from time to time such as our June quiz night and skate nights. Finally, if you want to help out in any way please get in touch. Many hands make light work.


Where do my contributions go?

Your donations will directly help dogs. When we take a dog on, we often need to pay for vaccinations, health checks, desexing, pound fees, food, and training. We want to give each dog the best possible chance of finding the right forever home, and this means putting the hard work in during the time they are with the Trust.

As well as helping dogs that have been surrendered to the Trust, we want to help dogs and their owners in the community that are doing it tough. Whether it be to help fund a training course or supporting a desex and chip campaign, they all benefit the wider community and result in responsible and positive dog ownership.

We also need to fundraise for fuel vouchers for our foster carers and volunteers so that they are not out of pocket when they help us out.

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