At Home-Rehome Dogs

We Love Dogs Charitable Trust is pleased to provide details of its “At Home Re Home” programme. This is where WLD will support the rehoming of dogs and puppies while they remain in their current home.

We will collect information from the “owner” about the rehome and will advertise on our website and widely on Facebook. Applications to adopt these dogs will be via our application form and these will be passed onto the “owner” for their consideration. WLD will provide advice on potential candidates based on our extensive knowledge of suitable and unsuitable homes, and can undertake homechecks by individual agreement with the “owner”. We can also potentially organise homechecks when the applicant is out of Taranaki through our network of contacts.

“Owners” will be expected to provide vaccination, registration, microchipping and desexing status. This information will be included in the advertisement. At the time of advertising the owner will be encouraged to meet legal obligations around registration, ensure dogs are vaccinated or are at least part way through the vaccination process and, if age appropriate, encouraged to have the dog desexed.

These dogs will not be temperament tested by We Love Dogs and this will be stated clearly in the advertisement. WLD reserves the right not to accept any dog into the programme if there is an indication of aggression, menacing or antisocial behaviour by the dog or “owner”
Dogs and puppies accepted into the programme must be genuine rehomes for genuine reasons, and can not be for sale!!.

If you would like a dog to participate in our “At Home Re Home” programme, please message We Love Dogs in messenger or email  providing a phone number and we will be in touch.

Giving Up Your Dog

We know that life rarely goes according to plan, and things don’t always work out, including owning a dog. If you are thinking you may need to give your dog up for adoption, our new “At Home-Rehome” programme could help.

We’re here to help you make the right decision for your dog. 

What happens if I need to give up my dog?

  • Step One


    Contact Us

    Contact us via our contact form. We understand what a difficult call this could be. Our team will give you a call and listen without judgment and will help you make the right decision for your dog. We may be able to give advice on managing the issue that has led to you considering rehoming.

    The purpose of this programme is to be able to provide support to owners or rescuers, to rehome dogs or puppies. The trust will not be accepting surrendered dogs, but instead, be supporting private owners and fosters with food, access to medical care and other supports (which may include dog training) in order to keep the dogs in their care, until a permanent home can be found.

    In addition to these supports, WLD will assist by advertising the dogs on our website and on social media, and take applications via our website adoption form; these will be forwarded to the current owner. At this point WLD may assist with home-checks if required, and facilitate meet and greets.

    Whatever the situation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us 

  • Step Two



    A member of our team will call you to find out more about your dog, we will gather information to assist advertising on your behalf if you wish to continue to seek a rehome. We are unable to offer foster care, but can offer you the opportunity to evaluate the need to rehome, or develop advertising to place on social media sites. You control this process and take all responsibilty.

    Applicants to the At Home Rehome Programme, must supply:

    • Vaccination, de-sex, registration, and microchip status,
    • Photographs and/or video of their dog
    • Information on the dog’s character and history.


    • Will stipulate that the dog has not been assessed by WLD
    • Will state that information has been provided by the owner
    • Will indicate current vaccination, registration, microchip and de-sex status
    • There can be no adoption fee charged for adult dogs
    • Puppies may have a fee of up to $100 to cover costs, unless those costs have been covered by WLD.

    We recommend to owners that, as a minimum:

    • Dogs/puppies are vaccinated or have begun the vaccination protocol before being advertised
    • Puppies over 3 months are registered and microchipped
    • Dogs over 6 months old are de-sexed

    We’ll do everything we can to help you and your dog as quickly as possible, but this could take a few weeks. 

  • Step Three



    We can help you through the process of meeting a potential new owner if wanted. However the responsibility is yours. We do not temperament test any rehomed dogs, this is your responsibility. 

    You, as the owner need to determine what type of home your dog would best fit into, whether your dog is safe around children, other dogs or pets, the type of “lifestyle” or home you are hoping to find for your dog. You should keep copies of all vet records, ensure your dog is registered and vaccinated. Due to the number of dogs needing rehoming it is important to consider desexing if not done already.

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