Rehoming Dogs

We Love Dogs team have stepped up their rehoming programme due to demand over the past 2 years.  Through liaison with other agencies involved in rehoming dogs, we are proactive and will assist in situations where we can provide help. We can assist through social media advertising when a dog owner finds they need to rehome their dog(s) particularly in more desperate situations. We can also seek foster carers to take these dogs for a short term basis whilst we look for their forever homes.  Rehoming comes with a fee to cover vet expenses including vaccinations, microchipping, desexing and in many cases registrations to allow the best outcome for a rehome. The fee is kept to a minimum, an adult dog fee is $300 and a puppy fee is $340.

All dogs come with a 42 day free pet insurance via Pet-n-Sur

We Love Dogs are always on the lookout for  dog related items in good condition. Items include crates ( all sizes), dog beds and blankets,  dog coats (all sizes), clean and usable dog toys, harnesses and leads, collars and feeding bowls. We also collect dog kibble if sealed and in date specifically for puppies but adult dog food as well to use while dogs are in foster. Contact us by email if you can help.

Giving Up Your Dog

We know that life rarely goes according to plan, and things don’t always work out, including owning a dog. If you are thinking you may need to give your dog up for adoption, then please contact us via our form.

We’re here to help you make the right decision for your dog. 

What happens if I need to give up my dog?

  • Step One


    Contact Us

    Contact us via our contact form. We understand what a difficult call this could be. Our team will give you a call and listen without judgment and will help you make the right decision for your dog. We may be able to give advice on managing the issue that has led to you considering rehoming.

    Whatever the situation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us 

  • Step Two



    A member of our team will call you to find out more about your dog, and what they may need in a new home. If we can’t take your dog for any reason, we’ll let you know at this stage and advise you on other options.

    If we can take your dog, you’ll need to fill in our Handover form which we will send you by email. Once this is done, we’ll book an appointment for you you have a phone consult with our behaviourist, so we can better assess your dog for rehoming.

    If we don’t have a space free immediately, then well ask you to wait until we are available. We’ll do everything we can to help you and your dog as quickly as possible, but this could take a few weeks. 

  • Step Three



    We arrange to collect your dog or ask you to bring your dog to us.

    Once we have space available, we’ll arrange a time for you to bring your dog to us. You’ll need to sign some paperwork to officially transfer the dog to us, and we’ll take good care of them from there. 

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