Special Announcement from We Love Dogs

It is with a sad heart We Love Dogs wish to advise that we will be shutting down our dog rehoming programme.

Over the past year we have experienced a huge reduction in families wanting to adopt rescued pups and dogs in our care. There has been an increased, almost daily, demand to place dogs with us. We find we can no longer offer a rehoming service.
The trust will continue to operate, but in other areas while still supporting dogs, their owners and the community. This may involve desexing programmes, advice to owners where dogs need behavioural assessment and/ or training, puppy and adolescent classes, assisting owners rehome, and developing dog related resources on our website. More information on our continuing services will be released shortly.

You will see changes to our website to reflect this change in focus very soon.

We intend for our Barkets to continue and develop as a safe place to meet other dogs and their owners.

We will continue to advertise the dogs already in our care until they are rehomed. Their situation is becoming desperate as many of them have been with fosters far longer than intended. This places a strain on the fosters, and it is certainly not good for the dogs to be moved from homes they have come to know so well. Currently, virtually all our dogs need to be moved on from their foster homes very soon for a variety of different reasons.

We have rehomed over 150 dogs since we started and this has only been made possible by our amazing fosters and volunteers, who have given selflessly over the past 4 years to ensure the best outcomes for our rescue and rehome dogs.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who has assisted and supported us with our dogs. We will continue to advocate for dogs.